Friday, November 6, 2009

Week 5: Only 3 weeks to go! :(

"We only have 3 more weeks to get our portraits done," said David G, "You should put a sad face next to the title because this will be over so soon!"

This week, the Apprentice team did the following:
  • We completed performance evaluations. Everyone on the team qualified for a raise!!
  • We went to Manpower, Inc. to meet our Career Coaches.
  • For the first time, ArtWorks has teamed up with Manpower, Inc. to offer career coaching services to our Apprentices.
  • Each Apprentice will be matched up with a Manpower volunteer to cover 3 out of 5 basic preparatory topics:

Resume Writing


Career Exploration

Learning Opportunities Beyond High School

Money Matters: Basic Money Management

  • We continued to work on our portraits, and started using additional photographs that our subjects provided us.

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