Friday, November 6, 2009

Week 5: Only 3 weeks to go! :(

"We only have 3 more weeks to get our portraits done," said David G, "You should put a sad face next to the title because this will be over so soon!"

This week, the Apprentice team did the following:
  • We completed performance evaluations. Everyone on the team qualified for a raise!!
  • We went to Manpower, Inc. to meet our Career Coaches.
  • For the first time, ArtWorks has teamed up with Manpower, Inc. to offer career coaching services to our Apprentices.
  • Each Apprentice will be matched up with a Manpower volunteer to cover 3 out of 5 basic preparatory topics:

Resume Writing


Career Exploration

Learning Opportunities Beyond High School

Money Matters: Basic Money Management

  • We continued to work on our portraits, and started using additional photographs that our subjects provided us.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Apprentices continue their compositions

Apprentices have been continuing to work on their individual portraits. You can see their progress!







Monday, October 26, 2009

Reception for Portrait Subjects

On Friday, October 23rd, ArtWorks Apprentices hosted a reception for all the people who agreed to be the subject of their individual portraits. Apprentices introduced their subject to the team, and several neighborhood association representatives also attended.

Apprentices then interviewed their subject using a list of questions the team created, in order to learn more about each subject. They also photographed each subject from a variety of angles to gather images that will help them create their portrait. Finally, they asked their subject to send them additional personal photos to add to their portraits. It was a great time and so wonderful meeting all the talented & committed people who live and work in our communities and try to make our city a better place for everyone!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Week 2

This week our team focused on:
- Picking our subject for our portait.
- Learning new painting technique.
- Realistic figure drawing.
- Developing better team building skills.

- We had a demonstration on portrait drawing from our Lead Artist Brad Bernard.
- We're getting our first performance feedback on how we're progressing :)
- We received our work uniforms.
- We got our first pay checks. :)
- We learned how to be responsible with our income(i.e Bank Account vs Check Cashing Places.)

Main Idea....
So far we've learned how to communicate effectively with our teamates, open up to each other, help each other out with different tasks (Constructive criticism), and now we're ready to go out and connect with our subjects which are positive influences in our neighborhoods and communities.

Friday, October 9, 2009

ArtWorks Program Week 1

Week 1
Day 1:Fundamentals day we worked on completing paper work and going through the orientation.
Day 2:Look at the lead artist Brad pictures of differnt abstract art.
Day 3: The group worked on map drawings.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Congratulations to our newest Apprentices!

Identity Map Portrait Project, with Lead Artist Brad Bernard:
  • Fred, Custer H.S., Martin Drive Neighborhood
  • David, Carmen H.S., Layton Blvd. Neighborhood
  • LeAndrea, Custer H.S., Sherman Park Neighborhood
  • Marvin, Custer H.S., Enderis Park Neighborhood
  • Lawrence, South Division H.S., Lincoln Village Neighborhood
  • Deanna, Riverside H.S., Havenswood Neighborhood
  • Nakia, Tenor H.S., Johnson Park Neighborhood
  • Ismael, South Division H.S., Lincoln Village Neighborhood

Work starts on Monday, October 5th!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Welcome to the Identity Map Portrait Project!

ArtWorks for Milwaukee, Inc. is thrilled to offer the Identity Map Portrait Project as one of its Fall 2009 programs, headed-up by Lead Artist Brad Bernard.

Program Description: In collaboration with the Greater Milwaukee Foundation - Richard & Joy Teschner Fund, The Milwaukee Arts Board, and LISC-Milwaukee, the Identity Map Portrait Project will ask Apprentices to identify a person from their Milwaukee Healthy Neighborhood that will be the subject of their mixed-media portrait.This person can be any community leader, historical figure, or any person who currently lives in the Apprentice’s Milwaukee Healthy Neighborhood that has a positive influence on their community.

Lead Artist Brad Bernard will teach Apprentices basic technical skills in a variety of art mediums, such as: portrait making, printmaking, mixed-media collage, and digital photography. Apprentices will utilize and synthesize these techniques to create an Identity Map of the person they have identified from their neighborhood to be the subject of their portrait. The program’s deliverable will be a 24 X 36 multimedia portrait for each Apprentice that focuses on the person they have identified to be its subject, and will incorporate neighborhood maps and address the unique journey of each Apprentice’s identified subject person.

ArtWorks plans to host an exhibition to unveil and attempt to sell the Apprentices work. We hope to host the exhibition at the King Commons II building on Martin Luther King Drive in the Harambee neighborhood for the January 2010 Gallery Night.